December 6, 2011 Posted by tat2biz in

Tat's for Tot's Cleveland's needy kids will have at least 100 gifts already from our friend's!

This year we have heard so much bad new's we just wanna do a solid and help out Cleveland area kids who's parents are having a rough time. Understanding we cant do alone and in the spirit to give we personally have 25 gifts for the kids but need your help. Bring in a new toy(s) to receive a $25 credit towards your tattoo or tattoo gift certificate or to receive a $10 body piercing If you are not into tattoos but wanna help just stop by. Lets do what we can to put some smiles out there around the holidays. Tattoo Cafe Cleveland 2141 Broadview Rd 216-676-5858 http://www.facebook.com/events/251279714935978/
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