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About Robert

Robert was drawn to the tattoo industry following his passion and love of artwork, tattooing is the most exciting  way for Robert to further his raw natural talent! 

Black and grey and hyper detailed realism is where Robert excels, He thrives on a great challenge of large scale projects boasting a level of detail and precision which makes Robert's very unique in this industry. 

Since tattooing Robert's ‘art’ has evolved in many areas , through his pursuit passion has led to an understanding that in order to be an exceptional artist ‘tattooing’ alone is not enough.

Robert has spent much time developing his skill set in many areas of creative practice such as painting, drawing and digital art.

Understanding principles like value, composition,  and contrast are just a few examples needed amongest ones knowledge in the creative process.

“Mastery comes when one devotes excessive hours to purposeful practice in a specific area of ones desire.

Our society  seems to take less time out for art, in doing so we may be missing out on something that is deeply valuable and important from a cultural perspective.

Artists re contextualize reality and offer there visions to what was previously invisible.”

 Tattooing at this level serves  understanding of the process and experience of the true artwork produced.

We must recognize this art form is bringing art galleries to our bodies and will prevail in changing ones view and value of the experience.